LDO/FEZ Consultation

Closed 6 May 2016

Opened 24 Mar 2016


Melton Borough Council  (the  Local  Planning  Authority)  is proposing a  Local Development  Order  (LDO)  for  the food and farming sector within the boundaries of the Borough. This is a key element of its Food Enterprise Zone initiative (FEZ) and is intended to incentivise growth in that sector.
The LDO will  grant  planning  permission  to  specific  types  of  development within the food, drink and farming sectors, and will  seek  to  streamline  the  planning  process  by  removing  the  need  for developers to make a planning application to the local authority for certain types of development in specific circumstances. It will create certainty and save time and money for those involved in the planning process. The LDO will also ensure that the needs of nearby residents and others are properly recognised and their amenity protected, so that they can be assured that  the  LDO  permits  only  development  of  an  appropriate  scale  and  that appropriate safeguards are in place.
You can download the LDO and statement of reasons in the "Related Documents" section below.


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