Homelessness Strategy Consultation

Closed 6 Nov 2017

Opened 25 Sep 2017

Feedback expected 15 Nov 2017

Results Updated 15 Jan 2018

Thank you to all who took the time to respond to our consultation.

The responses to the consultation have been carefully considered and used to help shape our final Homelessness Strategy.

The following changes to the Homelessness strategy were made as a direct consequence to the feedback from the consultation.

  • Change the wording of priority three to better highlight our commitment to the prevention of homelessness for all.
  • Include actions in the homelessness action plan to monitor the impacts of welfare reform and develop actions to help people access and maintain tenancies and prevent homelessness.
  • Include more information on the wider social impacts and costs of homelessness on families and communities in our homelessness review and strategy. 

We have produced a consultation feedback report to examine the responses in more detail, which is available to download below. 



Have your Say on Local Homelessness Services

We are consulting to help us to develop a new Homelessness Strategy.

It will help to decide how we deliver homelessness services in Melton over the next 5 years

We would like your views on how we can help to reduce homelessness in Melton, how our current service works and how we can improve

We would particularly like to hear from anyone who has experienced homelessness or had a housing crisis that could have ended in homelessness. We want to know about your experiences and what you think can be done to prevent it from happening in the future

We also want to hear from you if you work or support with people who are at risk of homelessness.

Why We Are Consulting

Every five years the council has to undertake a review of homelessness and homelessness services and produce a homelessness strategy. 

It is important that we have an effective strategy to tackle homelessness that will enable us to support those most in need and to prevent homelessness wherever possible.

We have carried out a Homelessness Review to help us to understand the causes of homelessness in Melton and what the priorities of our new strategy might be. You can view this by following the link at the end of this page. 

A discussion paper which sets out what we think the priorities of the new Homelessness Strategy might be is also available to view at the end of the page


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